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Water chemistry:pH 5.5 – 7.5

Recommended tank size:30 gallon / 120 litre for fish up to 3 inches / 7.5 cm in length and 60 gallon / 240 litre or larger for fully mature fish.

Scientific name:Leporinus Fasciatus

Temperature:72 – 77 Deg F / 22 – 25 Deg C

Average adult fish size:12 inches / 30 cm

Place of origin:Amazon, Venezuela

Feeding:Feed a predominantly vegetarian diet consisting on veggie flakes, pellets, and wafers. Treats of frozen brine shrimp, live brine shrimp, blood worms, and brown worms can be fed on occasion. A well varied diet is best.

Typical tank setup:Amazon biotope with a lot of hiding places which include rocks and bogwood/driftwood. Leporinus eat live plants, so a few live plants won’t do. They do well in planted aquariums, but a lot of plants are necessary to minimize the damage they do to them.

Breeding:Specifics are unknown


It is very common to find tetras with Corydoras as companions, as they are both quite peaceful and other tank mates like Guppies, other Tetras, Rasboras, Mollies & Platies.

Additional info

This tetra is generally very peaceful but they are sometimes prone to fin nipping on some of their tank mates. Keeping them in a school of 6 or more may help alleviate this problem.

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