Madagascar Rainbow med

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Place of origin:Lake Malawi

Water chemistry:pH 7.6-8.6

Scientific name:Aulonocara Stuartgranti Sp. Maleri

Average adult fish size:14cm / 5 Inches

Temperature:23-28 Deg C / 73-82 Deg F

Recommended tank size:200 Litres

Typical tank setup:Rocky Malawi tank with plenty of open swimming space

Feeding:Carnivorous – prefers live foods such as blood worms, snails or brine shrimp, but will generally accept frozen, flake or pellet foods.

Breeding:Peacock Cichlids are ovophile mouthbrooders that form a matriarch family. The pair should be conditioned separately on mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and crustaceans. The water should have a pH from 8.0-8.2, a water hardness 10-18 dH, and a warmer temperature of 79-84°F (26-29°C). The female spawns a small number of eggs on the rocky bottom. These are fertilized by way of the dummy-egg method. The young should be raised on newly hatched Artemia and fine-grade flake foods.


Peaceful community tank mates like Molly’s, Guppies, Plat’s and Tetra’s.

Additional info

These fish are undoubtedly one of the most popular in the hobby. They come in a massive variety of coloured strains. Many fish stores recommend these fish as suitable for first time fish owners. They are easy to look after, but will usually struggle with a cycling tank, and would probably die, so they should not be added to a tank until the cycle has been completed.

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