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Water chemistry:pH 7.6-8.6

Place of origin:Lake Malawi

Recommended tank size:160 Litres

Sexing:Makes are brighter blue with black bars on body. Males tend to have more pronounced and brighter egg spots.

Average adult fish size:10cm / 4 Inches

Scientific name:Cynotilapia Afra, Paratilapia Afra, Hemichromis Afer

Typical tank setup:Rocky Malawi tank.

Breeding:Keep a ratio of one male to three females. Many caves made from rocks are needed. The female is a mouth-brooder and cares for the young. The female should be moved to a birthing tank after she is holding eggs.

Feeding:Omnivorous – feed vegetable based flake foods as a staple. Diet should be supplimented with brine shrimp and fresh green vegetables such as spinach, zucchini, romaine lettuce, spinach and peas.


It is very common to find tetras with Corydoras as companions, as they are both quite peaceful and other tank mates like Guppies, other Tetras, Rasboras, Mollies & Platies

Additional info

The Glowlight tetra is a shoaling fish that should be kept with at least four other members of its own species. Keeping an even larger shoal is recommended, since this will make the Glowlight tetras feel much safer in the aquarium. They will also be more active and exhibit a much broader range of natural behaviours. It is common for this species to form smaller groups when there is a predator (or perceived predator) in the aquarium, and then proceed to swim more freely when they feel safe again. Glowlight tetras are mid-dwellers in the aquarium and will usually stay a few centimetres above the bottom. During feeding, they will quickly swim to the top of the water column since they are happy eaters. If you take good care of your Glowlight tetra, it can live for up to 2-4 years in captivity.

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