Cor. Green Aeneus s/m

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Average adult fish size:2 inches / 5 cm

Water chemistry:pH 5.8 – 7.0

Temperature:22 – 26 Deg C / 72 – 79 Deg F

Place of origin:Amazon, South America.

Scientific name:Corydoras Aeneus

Recommended tank size:30 gallon / 120 litre

Common name:Albino Corydoras Catfish

Typical tank setup:These bottom dwellers will like plenty of bogwood and some rocks as well as much vegetation and planted aquarium is a must for these Corydoras.

Feeding:In the aquarium environment Albino Cory Cats will readily accept a variety of meaty and vegetable matter foodstuffs including

Breeding:The corydoras catfish need to be happy with their environment and surroundings to be in a position to and happy to breed in the home aquarium so it is important to give them some but not too many hiding places and to not change the tank around too much so they have a chance to settle. You should also ensure water parameters are at an optimum level, we would recommend the following


The Corydoras species is perfect for the community aquarium as a bottom dweller and as such will be compatible with other community fish such as tetras. It is a very peaceful fish and so care should be taken not to introduce aggressive fish with it but will generally keep itself to itself and spend it’s whole time scavenging the bottom of the tank.

Additional info

The Corydoras catfish are very popular now in the aquarium trade for community aquariums which we believe is down to their favourable size and the personality they posses of a fish which is active and seems to always have something to be doing!

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