About Fishtank

Fishtank is the first online marketplace which allows anyone to buy high quality aquatic live directly from wholesalers across the US. You place your order with us, we automatically route it to the closest and best wholesaler, and drop-ship your order directly from the wholesaler to your door.

Fishtank Marketplace prices are on average 3-4 times lower than most US online local fish stores, giving you savings of up to 80% on your purchases!

Since we ship directly from wholesalers to you (the end customer), we only fish the fish once, as opposed to when a wholesaler ships to a retailer and then that retailer ships to you (the end buyer). This way our fish are significantly healthiest and stronger as they are shipped only one (not twice)! We also work with wholesalers that always acclimatize all of their fish according to best industry practices, and we only use FedEx Overnight shipping to minimize stress and time en-route for our fish!

We're also the only place online that offers 100% cash refund, including the cost of shipping, in cases of DOA. 

Are you a wholesaler and would like to sell through Fishtank? 

Please send us an email at suppliers@fishtank.me and we'll try our best to double or even triple your current sales!

Would you like to cooperate with Fishtank?

We offer 10% on all sales from customers you will bring in. So if you're ready to make some real money, please send us an email at affiliates@fishtank.me.